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Tonight was the last dance for Chief Illiniwek at the University of Illinois. I saw it coming when I wrote my paper for Methods last semester. However, now the Illini fans think FSU should give up Osceola and Renegade. There is one simple difference though, FSU has the support of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. And while it's been said we are blackmailing them with scholarships, the Seminoles have educational funds set up for each member of the tribe anyway, and enough money to buy all things Hard Rock. The scholarships we give out don't mean nearly as much as our willingness to involve the Seminole Tribe in university decisions. That's where Illinois dropped the ball. They learned enough history to know that the Illini Confederacy is extinct, but not enough to know that the Peoria Tribe in Oklahoma are the remnants of that confederacy. The Peoria have been on record against Chief Illiniwek since 2000 and the Board of Regents didn't seem to think it would matter. However, when the NCAA ban happened, the University of Illinois should have approached the Peoria Tribe for support as Central Michigan, University of Utah, and Florida State approached their respective tribes. Ultimately, Illinois chose to give up a time-honored symbol and regain the right to host postseason events rather than reach out to the Peoria Tribe.
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