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Yesterday's UNC victory over Duke left me with mixed emotions, which normally doesn't happen. UNC won 86-72 and swept the season series for the first time in eleven years. However, even with this and a relatively relaxing game, as Duke only got close once, at the twelve minite mark when it was 50-48. Other than that, UNC was in control, until the last eighteen seconds. Then Bobby Frasor's missed free throw led to a series of events that ended with blood on the court. That's never a good sign and doubly so when it means that the nose of your star center has been broken less than a week before the conference tournament starts. As to whether I think it was intentional, I think a flagrant foul was the intent, not a broken nose, as Gerald Henderson had missed the block and knew that giving up a layup wasn't an option. However, now Henderson is suspended for Duke's game against NC State and Tyler Hansbrough will probably be playing with a mask on his face. I'm just hoping he's not scared to get his again.