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I feel as if I'm 16 again, the week of Columbine. I'd hoped after that I'd never have that feeling I again. From the shock to the vigils to the having to move on with life. However, here were are, 24 hours after the worst mass shooting in history, 33 dead with many wounded, at Va Tech. A guy from Lakeside, Ryan Clark, was the RA shot in West Ambler Johnston Hall. As someone who work nights in dorms just like that, I'm thinking about work tomorrow already. I got an e-mail from work saying to check IDs on residents and to refer any media requests to the head of Housing. I'd be willing to bet that the supervisors actually do rounds this week. As for the way Va Tech handled yesterday, I refuse to crucify the police for not shutting down campus fast enough, as here they shut down by sectors in the event of an emergency. Damn do I hate when crazy guys rock instituations of which I'm a part. BTW, the 8th anniversary of Columbine is Friday. :(