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Work and School

While deciding when I wanted to work in the fall, I lost my mind. I decided that working Fridays during football season was a good idea, or a doable one at that. Now that I'm actually scheduled for such craziness, I'm having second thoughts. Add to this that I'm considering a class change (Colonial America for Florida Since 1821) that would cause me to no be able to work the Tuesday I was assigned and I have issues. I already told my supervisor about the possible class change though.

My entire life isn't work, despite my latest entries. I also have school issues, namely a 16-page paper due for Florida Environmental in 3 weeks and only a vague idea of a topic. I need to run it past Dr. Davis and see if he has any ideas for me. I'm just glad we don't have a field trip this week, but the report from last week's trip is due Thursday, hope I can make sense of my notes. This class hasn't been bad, but three hour lectures are long no matter what the topic. I also have thesis stuff to think about and I wish Dr. Gray was available to discuss that as I feel like I haven't accomplished enough on that front. Other than that my topic needs to be expanded, but in what direction, who knows.


good luck with your paper!!
thanks, ran the topic by the prof today and went to the library, we'll see what comes of it.