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I took my computer to Mobile for Daddy to look at because I'd been getting the blue screen of death. Well after transferring data, and forgetting my Internet favorites, and scrubbing my computer, he reinstalled Windows XP. After he reinstalled lots of other things, I brought the computer back to Tallahassee. As I was working upon my arrival back in town, Mother dearest hooked up my computer so she could use the Internet.

This was fine until the blue screen of death appeared again and my computer would go into Standby mode when I turned off my ceiling fan. WTF? Upon first glance, nothing was glaringly wrong, but further inspection revealed that my speakers weren't plugged into my sound card. That change fixed the ceiling fan thing, but things still weren't right. After powwowing with Daddy tonight, I changed the USB slots my mouse and keyboard were in and am hoping for the best. Good thing my trip to Mobile also netted me a new laptop, much lighter than my last one. If all else fails, I'll use my 250GB harddrive, yes my father's computer crazy, with it.

On a better note, I wrote a new article for a Seminole sports blog, am hoping it's front page worthy. It's a student's view of how to get more students to come to football games, as our students are notorious slackards despite your previous winning ways.