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Long Night (Possibly TMI)

I knew I could be making a mistake when I decided to work Fridays. Last night I found out why. The night started with me having to spend damn near an hour walking, first to the office, then to Ragans. I arrived to an RA saying we have to hold rounds for a med assistant to come return her key. No problem. While we're waiting a guy with a leaky ceiling returns the wetvac and explains that he thinks he might have mold in his apartment. This warrants calling Head Staff who says that since the leaky ceiling shorted out the kitchen light, PM maintenance should be called. That's fine and good. We then get tired of waiting on med assistant, as it is now 11:30 and she was supposed to be done by 11:20, so we go to her building to find her leaving. Rounds are fine from there, save two noise warnings. However, the late rounds put my schedule out of whack.

Things were fine until 2:30, one set of rounds and a girl locked out of her room. Then, things got kinda crazy. First, the police come by asking me something about maintenance, but I hadn't seen the maintenance man yet. He and the resident show up a few minutes later asking if I know anything about roof access or blueprints of the building, both a negative. After they leave, I'm all set to go on rounds when I decide to inform the crew that has gathered, that I'll be away from the desk. However, I end up staying while they figure out things as I lived in Ragans for three years, and thus know a bit about the building. That takes until 3:15 when I leave to go do rounds and speak with supervisor about paperwork. This gets delayed by a resident locked out of the building.

I finally go on rounds to find that an off hand comment the Head Staff had made about seeing drubk guys in front of one of the buildings had ramifications, vomit in the elevator, at 4am. Just what I need after a long night. I call supervisor to get procedure as I've never dealt with this before. I discover that we're almost out of vomit comet, never good in a dorm where people can legally (but not always responsibly) drink. After I get the elevator clean, I arrive back at the desk to find the RA that I had warned that she should take the stairs as I'd just finished cleaning. She found the floor on which the culprits lived, and more cleaning was needed. Part of the way through clean-up #2, we need more supplies, so I call the supervisor. After procuring more vomit comet, clean-up is done, an hour after it began. I finally finish rounds and head back to office with the RA. A report is then written up and a note is left for maintenance that supplies and cleaning are needed. My night is wrecked at this point, as five sets of rounds aren't gonna happen. And to add insult to injury, the receptionist is late, so I don't leave until 7:15am, but am able to get a ride to the office. However, upon arriving home, I realize I forgot to turn in my paperwork. *headdesk* That was the longest night, I may be insane for signing up for that shift.