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It's been a long week. Last Tuesday was my first seizure during a college class, fortunately I was able to get out of the classroom before it generalized. And my Law and Order:SVU obsession insured that I had requested that Tuesday off anyway. However, I was still feeling shitty Wednesday and thus didn't work then, or Friday, but that's because my parents were in town. Work or dinner with parents, hmm, let's think... Anyway, Saturday was the trip to Jacksonville for the Alabama/FSU game, during which we found a new starting QB and our starting wideout redeemed himself, after a few crucial first half drops he scored a touchdown on a 70yd completion. In addition to all this, we won a game that I wasn't sure about...at all, thought Vegas was crazy when I saw us favored. I get to add another shirt to the collection though. Returned to campus on Sunday to a staff meeting and work. However, Monday I almost fell asleep in class due to having to procure football tickets and not getting enough sleep. Still trying to decide what shift to drop, have someone who wants a Wednesday, but I'd rather drop Tuesday or Friday. Decisions, decisions...


Aw, you poor thing. Hope you're feeling better now.
Thanks, I'm fine, but last week was nuts.