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Homecoming and Birthdays

Tonight is boring, last weekend, however, was fabulous. It was Homecoming and Rachel's 18th birthday on Thursday, much fun. Started with dinner at Samrat. I miss good Indian food and while the Samosas were good, nothing beats homemade. The party then continued at Aladdin's, my first time in a houkah bar. Twas interesting, a good time was had, including public humiliation of the birthday girl. However, having the Aladdin soundtrack stuck on repeat in my head whilst trying to go to sleep was not cool. Singing aloud with several people the night before was though. The night continued with typical FSU birthday subterfuge as the birthday girl was thrown in the fountain. It's been a while since I've seen a less willing victim, usually it's just shreiking, not kicking.

Friday was PowWow, which I did get to attend despite the lack of willingness on the part of my coworkers to cover my shift. Homecoming Chief and Princess were crowned after many acrobatic acts (cheerleaders and circus). The dance troupe performance was right before the comedic acts, Doug Benson and Sarah Silverman. The acts were good, but only an hour total together. Some frat boys pissed off Sarah and threw her routine out of whack. Got my ticket signed by both of them and took pics of Sara with both performers as she'd come in town early for PowWow. Skipped the party at Rachel's to go to Bullwinkle's, not my fave as it's super crowded, but it is within walking distance and Sara wanted to meet friends there. Reminded why military guys aren't my cup of tea, neither are short guys.

Saturday was shopping and chilling before the game. More hanging with Sara's friends and explaining my objection to beer pong (the lack of my drinking beer). Only one friend joined us at the game, but we stayed until it was basically over. Made Rachel happy by buying a sweatshirt that I let her wear because inside the stadium wasn't as cold as oustide, the second half was chilly though. Postgamed at AJ's to watch the end of the World Series game sans food and drink, waste of time, but eh, whateva. Got home after a pitstop for food and while Sara crashed I went to Meagan's to partake in the goodies of her roomie's 21st. Party was crowded and hot and I knew very few people, only Rachel, Preston, and Meagan, so I left before long as Rachel wasn't feeling well...too much hunch punch. However, despite the issues it was worth it, despite almost missing my cab home. :-o Best weekend I've had in a while and much needed as school is getting busy.