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I should be sleeping, but I feel asleep watching the Fiesta Bowl after watching the UNC game. This was my first day to just chill since I left Tallahassee on the 19th. I'm never doing five cities in a week again. Tallahassee to Mobile to Birmingham to Atlanta to Augusta, all by December 23rd. Needless to say, my break was hectic. Too much family, not enough alone time. And having to squeeze Bryan in on Christmas Day was kind of annoying, but worked out okay. However, if I had it to do over again, I'd have worked until Saturday morning and then taken a bus to Atlanta, thus cutting out Birmingham and gift-giving in Atlanta.

Grandpa embarrassed the family by snapping at a waitress in Logan's and I had a weird conversation with Uncle Charles' eighth wife about her daughter, as she and I have a similar medical history. I don't like being put on the spot and especially not regarding children. Plus, meeting Emily's new boyfriend with the grandparents there was kinda weird. As for Atlanta, the family gift exchange is annoying, some of us want a real exchange while most purchase gag gifts. That needs to be settled before next year. Otherwise, I'll be skipping the exchange. However, after too much family, going to Augusta was nice.

An accounting of the rest of break must wait though, as I'm about to fall asleep.
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