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I fucking hate not having a car. Once again it has made my life more difficult than it needed to be. Since Mom comes to Tallahassee to pick me up, she just assumes that I'll do whatever she wants. And she's decided that she wants to go to Birmingham to visit her parents. Well, I gave in and did the grandparent thing at Christmas, but have no desire to spend my Spring Break do so again. Add to this the fact that the UNC-Duke game that I've been looking forward to all season is Saturday and the fact that this was going to be the first UNC game I was really going to get to watch with Daddy, and I am pissed. My grandparents see no reason to stop their plans to watch sports and they love to tape games, so if I say I'm skipping dinner to watch the game that won't fly and it will be just my luck that we won't be going out to dinner with them that night, so I'll be stuck. I really wish I'd known Mom's plans before I planned my work schedule. Plus, my second incomplete still isn't finished and I really had planned to work on it over Break.