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Ok, now that I'm safely working rather than watching the national championship game, I'm going to try to recount my Final Four feelings. First off, hormonal surges and UNC losses do result in tears. Also, my dad wanting to debrief the game the next day didn't help those feelings. The team that showup in San Antonio was a team I didn't recognize. Half court sets weren't working, shots weren't falling and our front court defense was being exposed. Everything the commentators held against UNC all season came true at the worst possible time. While the UNC team I'd watched all season showed up in the second half, it was too little, too late. Getting with four points and making it seem possible made it worse when it was over. And the one article I read bore that out,as Roy apologized for his contribution to the game as well as the silence of his players at the press conference, which I couldn't bring myself to watch. The link text to Andy Katz's article best sums up my feelings about this season, "When does a 36-win season feel like a failure? When you had the expectations UNC had." I feel especially bad for Tyler as allof those Player of the Year awards ring hollow without the title to match them. Plus, his ineffective play against Kansas will bring the Michael Beasley supporters out saying, "I told you so," and that hurts. I hope he returns for his senior season, and that Lawson, Ellington, and Green return as well, so that vindication might be achieved.


wow, didn't take you long to find me! I only made this thing last night!
I talked to my dad, my brother is going to take over my lease =)
fsu_noles is on my friends page, so I saw your post first thing. btw, you've been friended.