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Blog Tour: Powerful People

President of the United States or Queen of the World? Given the timing, I'd have to say President. What would I do if I got to live in the big white mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Here's some ideas. First, I'd figure out a way to get out of the mess we've created in the Middle East. I've been around long enough to know that world peace is a dream, but not creating a further mess would be nice. Second, I'd address some domestic policies that I dislike. Let's start with the state of public schooling. It's a mess. No Child Left Behind doesn't help as much as it hurts and extra testing has screwed up the goals for the school year. As someone who would've considered teaching prior to this legislation, if I were President, it'd be gone. The other domestic policy I'd address is the drinking age. Having successfully graduated from college, I've seen the realities of having legal adults away from home and unable to drink legally. It doesn't help, they drink anyway. If high schools spent half the money they spent on sex ed on alcohol education, on a senior year level, NOT DARE, they might actually help people. So, I'd lower the drinking age to 18 and restructure the life skills learned in high school.

Now, onto the less political things I'd do if given enough power. I'd make my birthday a mandatory school holiday. It falls on perhaps the most ignored federal holiday ever (Veteran's Day), and future generations should get the break I didn't. I'd also make all sports championship days national holidays. Next, with gas prices what they are, I'd mandate mass transit. This way I could quit lamenting my lack of a car and people could quit spending $50 to fill up their cars so often. I'd also demand more efficient layouts to grocery stores and self-checkouts that work. Also, I'd do away with shipping online and make all online stock available in stores. Shopping needn't be as complicated as it currently is. As for entertainment, sporting as movie tickets would be cheaper. No movie is worth $10 and I'd like to see a sporting event for less than $50/person, same goes for amusement parks. Six Flags is love, but $50 is ridiculous. Finally, this night owl would reset the work day so that it was 11-7, with a longer lunch rather than 9-5, as morning and breakfast are highly overrated. The school day would be reset accordingly as well. Also, more vacation time and a shorter school year. If the college kids can do it in sixteen weeks a semester, so can everyone else. Puritan work ethic is overrated, the Europeans got it right with siestas. Less stressed/broke Americans is this wanna-be President's agenda, now if only I could make it a reality.