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Danger Zone

A teenager was killed by my favorite rollercoaster ever today, Batman, at Six Flags Over Georgia. He apparently jumped two six foot fences with Do Not Enter signs before being hit by the coaster.


A 17-year-old park visitor was struck and killed Saturday by the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia.

The incident, which happened at approximately 2 p.m., occurred when the teenager jumped over a fence labeled danger zone, said Hela Sheth, a spokeswoman for the park.

“We do not know why this person was intent on gaining access to this restricted area, Sheth said in a written statement. Multiple signs clearly state ‘Do Not Enter’ and ‘Authorized Personnel Only’," said Sheth.


Wow, that's sad, but hey, if there were multiple signs saying not to enter the area along with a 6 foot fence, well, I can't feel too bad. He should have listened.
I agree, and the irony of being decapitated trying to retrieve a hat wasn't lost on me.
Wow, is that what happened? The person lost a hat and was trying to retrieve it? And they were decapitated?? I didn't read the whole news story. That's sad. I thought they just wanted to climb the fence and go in that area just to rebel. I thought that was odd since I heard they were from a church group.
Yep, he lost a hat and went back for it.
Yeah, different stories have different details on the story. He was decapitated by the ride when he jumped the fences with friends, who were unhurt. There are also reports that he was trying to grab the legs of riders on the ride, but none of them were hurt.