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Ugh, it's been a messy week. Last Wednesday, I came home from the library to find a leak in my living room ceiling. Having had this before, I knew that the air conditioner above me was broken. However, it wasn't able to be repaired until the next day. Today, there was a mass replacemewnt of water lines in the apartment. This went fine in my apartment. However, fixing the leak in my tub faucet didn't work. They replaced some tubing that was backing up, but the faucet's still leaking, will address this after sleep tomorrow. Also, woke up this evening to a leak in my kitchen ceiling. Called pm maintenance who came to fix it. Apparently the garbage disposal pipe burst in the apartment with the aforementioned screwy air conditioner. Sigh. I hope nothing new is messed up when I get home. So far the damage is only papers.