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Last night was kinda chaotic, so posting my giddiness about the election didn't happen. However, this is the happiest I've ever been as a voter. Given my state of residence, I've learned not to get too excited about results until they are final, but last night was fabulous. And may I just say that President-elect Obama sounds damn good. :-) I went down to the stadium, where CBS was filming to watch until it was clear Obama would win and then I headed home to get ready to go to the bar where the Tallahassee Dems were celebrating. Got there just in time for the Obama speech after watching McCain's speech at home. It was nice to celebrate with Dems who voted in a blue state (not Rachel or my family). However, despite the announcement at 11pm, it didn't seem complete until Florida had gone to Obama, which made all the calls, door knocking, meetings, and events worth it. Much better feeling than four years ago. And I must say this was a cool campaign to work on. FAMU and FSU students working together and events on both campuses. That wouldn't have happened four years ago, and we have Obama to thank for that.

I knew this would be a historic election months ago, but had no idea how many tears of happiness I'd see at this result. I'm not much for happy tears, but cheers and celebrating with friends who were there for the nightmare four years ago I can handle, as I ran into Lacey, who I didn't know was still in Tally. Good times. And I'm thinking that now is not the time for lunch with Allison. ;-) However, I do think that torturing Bryan just a little might be in order, especially since I missed a Joe Biden speech while in Atlanta.