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Sports Update

I totally missed the UNC game on TV tonight, even after UNC was mentioned on American Idol tonight (RIP Eve). Should've looked at the schedule after sleeping through Saturday's game. However, Sunday's game won't be forgotten, that can be assured. I'm glad it's a 4pm tip though. Hoping the Duke game goes better than the Maryland game I tried to watch Mardi Gras weekend. That loss and a Lakers loss that week are why my sports update is delayed. Every time I sit down to write it, something bad happens. And this was after an NBA All-Star Game that was fabulous. Shaq and Kobe playing together for the first time since Shaq left LA netted them co-MVP honors and more interviews than either of them mentioned. That was followed up by a UConn loss to Pitt, but UNC couldn't get the #1 spot. I'm just hoping they can beat Duke and win the ACC. A #1 seed and chance to start in Greensboro sure would be nice.

As for non-basketball stuff, Alex Rodriguez gave two interviews about his steroid use, but I still am not sure we have the truth. Especially since he claims he didn't know what he was using. However, his numbers tend to bear out that his time line might be truthful (2001-03). I honestly don't care as I think by the time his career ends the Hall of Fame will have made a decision about how much they are going to hold steroids against players. Plus, A-Rod has admitted more than McGwire, Bonds, and Clemens and hasn't perjured himself in the process. That should count for something.

Hopefully the rest of this month will be worthy of many updates, but I'm beginning to wonder if my journal's a jinx, with lousy web traffic to boot.