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Just what I didn't need, the note on my door about renewing my lease, which I'd very much like to do but can't. I need a job here first. And I have until May to find one or I can't renew my lease, as my parents don't want me to get a year-long lease. On the job front, I sent my paperwork to GA Voc Rehab so they can start the job search that will close my case with them. I'm hoping they have connections with state or federal agencies that I don't. As I'm still not sure what my educational future holds, I'm not sure where I want to move. I know I need residence in a state, so living in DC won't work, even though working there would be fab. And I'm not sure what job I'm really looking for. If I can't get an archivist/museum job, I'd probably have to teach high school before I could get a community college job, which I'm not sure is worth leaving Tally for. Trying to finish a thesis with an unclear future and no current job is stressing me out. Add to this Sara not understanding my freaking out about possibly missing the Garnet and Gold game (I'll be here), as it's my last sure event in Doak for a while. Her family tickets mean that she gets at least one game a year while I have to figure out how I'm going to have time to come back for a game and where to get tickets if I leave Tallahassee. As much as I thought I'd want to leave Tallahassee when I was done with school, I'm not sure I want to now, unless something damn near perfect presents itself.


Your posts don't tell me there are no jobs for you, your home state does, ;-)