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adam studio

Welcome New Readers

Ok, now that my sleep schedule is flipped inside out and I can't freaking focus on my thesis, here's why. I've spent the last month and a half following the goings-on of the post-American Idol season. First time I've ever done it, and never have I been so sorry that I couldn't go to a concert. As such, I've been reading every article I could find and watching every interview with Adam Lambert I can find. I don't normally fan girl, but this is different. I knew we were in uncharted waters when it leaked just days after the season finale that he was going to get a Rolling Stone cover. Worst kept Idol media secret ever. The article and the photo shoot and videos were freaking amazing, as annoying as the post-Idol media interviews were, it was worth it to have Adam officially come out, for media purposes, to Rolling Stone. The cover was fabulous and the article was enlightning to say the least. However, if you'd told me that a revelation of find your roommate attractive was going to get more press than deciding to do Idol, in part, because of a 'shroom trip, I'd have thought you were crazy. Especially as I read the Adam article the week of Bonnaroo and had visions of Wyatt Sexton's escapades. It was nice to have the article, but after seeing the outtakes, I really wished they'd used the other Allison and Kris quote, that wouldn't have created near the incessant questioning, and we could get music news not drama.

Anyway, back to why my sleep is screwy. I've found myself cruising almost exclusively Idol websites, listening to crappy concert cellcasts and hunting youtube for videos instead of watching baseball and SportsCenter. Barely even watched the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game, which I once missed the laser show at Mount Rushmore and fireworks over the East River for, but I like it. I didn't miss Obama throwing out the first pitch and later being interviewed in pursuit of crappy cellcasts though. I have my limits. However, I'm not awaiting the LA concert online and cursing the people who saw the Salt Lake City show for their lack of videos, as that makes my life as mp3 queen difficult. I've somehow gone crazy enough to have devoted hours to collecting all of Adam's music and analyzing youtube videos for audio quality as well as mic humping and hip swiveling. I spend all night awaiting pictures and video with other fans on two sites and LJ, including three days of reading the most massive LJ post ever, all for pics, vids and commentary on Adam. I now need to read the TWOP comments on the season and rewatch the Idolatry interview, but maybe later. Life is psychotic. And my thesis has barely been touched, but my committee has been assembled, so I can defend in the Fall. However, Adam Lambert music keeps me sane when I'm writing in the library, so it'll eventually be for a good cause.


"Adam Lambert music keeps me sane when I'm writing in the library"

But the man himself makes us go crazy, doesn't he?

I thought after Idol finale my life will gradually come back to normal. Only to find I get stuck in a situation just like yours: hunting every bit of news and concert goodies.

Maybe after Idol concert finishes, my life will go back to normal? Nah, what wishful thinking. His single is like, coming right after that.
He does, but not me as much as some. I have not desire to the "the lucky girl" despite having his liquor of choice in my kitchen.

As for life returning to normal, Fall is chaos for me, as college (American) football season starts.