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war paint

Last Tuesday Was Busy

Last Tuesday was interesting both academically and personally. I went to the department hoping to get my Program of Study signed by Dr. Upchurch before he left town again. Upon checking the form, he'd signed it and I hadn't been told. This was strange and I'm not sure whose fault my not knowing was since Upchurch can be a bit clueless and I don't think Anne likes me. Anyway, after finishing in the office I went to Upchurch, as his door was open. I thanked him and mentioned that part of my Methods paper was in my thesis. He made my day by reminding me that he thought it was publishing quality. I had no idea he remembered that three years later. That was perfect timing anyway, as another member of the grad department recently had something published in the Journal of Sports History, and his major professor is that last signature I need for my Program of Study. I'm hoping to get some insight into the publishing process in addition to thesis help. I need to e-mail Dr. Frank today to set up a meeting.

Tuesday was shaping up to be a normal night when the guy I've been talking to upped the ante considerably by suggesting we meet at AJ's. Little did he know that he'd just named my favorite bar in Tallahassee. Unfortunately, it's also one not within walking distance, and Night Nole and I aren't on good terms because the stop by Potbelly's isn't clearly labeled. Anyway, I ended up getting a cab and getting there before him. It was nice to get a drink and watch some baseball on the big screen, even if the Red Sox game was over. He got there and we met up outside, talked for a while before he went back to his buddies and me to my computer, or so I thought. No sooner am I changed back into comfy clothes, out of my jeans and dress shirt that now almost don't fit courtesy of totally unplanned summer weight loss (maybe some of those Saturday Secrets have gotten to me more than I thought, who knows) than Thomas IM's me and wants me to come hang out for a while before he leaves for Boston at 6am. I went and this is where things got interesting. He'd asked me on my way out the door when my last boyfriend was, and I said I'd tell him later. Anyway, we spent the next several hours discussing why my dating history is brief and my sex life non-existant. He'd totally missed my v-card comment earlier in our discussions. Between being given the third degree on my love life and him trying to understand my sports allegiances, which nobody should ever attempt, it was 4:30 before I was ready to leave. However, this didn't happen without my first kiss, which was not romantic in the least. I think we might be at two different places in our feelings for each other, but who knows. I might need to stop being so damn analytical for once and just go with the flow.
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It was an amazing confidence boost.

And yeah, totally awkward, too much tongue. As for overanalyzing, such is my life
Yeah, especially when I'm trying to finish my thesis.
YES. Just go with the flow :)
I'm trying. We haven't talked much while he's been gone, we'll see what happens when he's back.