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Olympics, School, and Adam

I once again fail at updating, but the Olympics, school, and fandom have eaten my life. And I'm too addicted to Twitter to stop and write an entry. Anyway, the end of the Olympics was great. The ladies figure skating went according to plan, mostly. Kim Yu-Na won gold while being coached by the guy that was denied gold in Calgary. Sweet revenge and awesome skating. Also, Mao Asada landed three triple axels in the Olympics for the first time ever. And then there was competition darling Joannie Rochette who won bronze despite her mother's sudden death. First time in forty years an American didn't medal, but the ladies are young and will be ready for Sochi. However, as much as I love figure skating, I didn't watch more than five minutes of the gold medal hockey game. It's never really been explained to me. I wasn't sorry Canada won though, I knew that was the medal that meant the most to them.

As for school, drama has ensued. I'm still getting a Masters, but non-thesis option as Dr. Frank dropped from my thesis committee last Tuesday. I then met with Dr. Gray and Dr. Grant and decided to redo my registration and take comps/turn my thesis into a professional paper and graduate in summer. Upchurch has agreed to remain as part of my comps committee, but I need two more professors for that and to find out whether Frank will supervise my professional paper. That's who Grant wants despite the awkwardness. We shall see, not sure if Grant contacted Frank as he said he would. The saga continues...

As for fandom, I owe my Adam filter some thoughts, but just keeping up with the news and music is insane. International promo makes my sleep cycle look positively sane. And now, I'm a news poster for hooplamagnet as well as a tweeter for the comm Twitter account. TweetDeck and I have made peace finally though. That on top of keeping up with songs? Crazy. My upload folder of Adam audio has over 300 files. How'd that happen? Fandom is insane. More on him later though.


Yeah, slow may never happen. And thanks, I'm just glad that drcat83 finally accepted help.
Yeah, I'm happy he's busy and that I can be useful.
what is your twitter name!? i will follow you :)
@nolechica, but you're warned, it's 99% Adam Lambert.