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glam nation 1

If You Can't Read ALF

After the concert footage made CNN for the second time last night, I feel the need to discuss Amsterdam. The two segments varied greatly in tone with the first segment, near Thanksgiving, being based on him being a turkey for his actions. That was a panel discussion with AJ Hammer, the host of last night's clip, being the loan dissenter, citing young fans and the video going viral, as the others said it's Adam, what do you expect? Plus, he likes the attention and making people think, as we all know. As for last night's clip, it was Rockers and Shockers of 2010, but anyone who knows anything about Adam knows that Amsterdam was a kickass night, but I wasn't totally surprised. As with much of his life, he hasn't exactly hidden his previous drug use. I was honestly surprised by how well he set up the toking with Purple Haze, not the fact that he lit up in Amsterdam. Also, until the encore at the Nokia, I thought the performance was going to be the only full performance of the song that he did. That would've been genius.

As for fan reactions, honestly, have people learned nothing in the last year? Adam loves to push buttons and as long as we react, he's done his job. All publicity is good publicity in the end, ask the fans who are fans because of the AMAs. As for the worry over young fans, if parents do their job, they have nothing to worry about. Talking to your kids about drugs will do more than Adam abstaining on stage. My parents are classic rock fans and I listened to many songs with drug innuendo and watch plenty of footage of illegal substance usage. Having my dad answer me honestly when I asked about certain lyrics, songs or actions did more than my DARE classes ever did. As such, I hope Adam continues to do whatever he wants on stage. And if you can't take the heat, maybe you shouldn't be giving him your time and money.


It's funny how now he is know for this pushing of the limits and people seem to be surprised when he doesn't. Personally, I hope that he does keep switching it up and pushing the limits and also holding back, mixing it up so that we don't know what to expect.

I too was shocked that he performed PH at the Nokia. I'm happy that I have been fortunate enough to see him sing every encore song live but had figured he would have reserved that song for that particular city.
I missed Mad World and Purple Haze, but the former I don't care about.

I love him even more now.
Where have you been? Epic awaits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY7kbII9oG8
Now having watched the video, my opinion still stands - what an awesome mofo. I totally wanna smoke a bowl with him and watch stupid movies and dance to music with him. He'd be an awesome person to do that with. And also, he was in Amsterdam, I think he can be allowed to smoke a blunt there.

That all being said, he performed "Purple Haze" and WLL at Club Nokia and we totes got a better Adommy kiss during the former than Amsterdam. But the one during WLL? HOT. DAMN.

Edited at 2010-12-22 12:48 am (UTC)
LOL, yeah kisses are another whole matter. And yeah, I want to smoke with him too.
I am not entirely sure what you're talking about - since I haven't been keeping up with Adam like I used to - but I do applaud you for this and I completely agree. Adam lives to be extreme and you'd think people would know this by now.
And I replied, but didn't @ you, sorry.
Yeah, and I replied to someone twice because first try got stuck in the queue.

Poeple need to chill. I don't think he'll be smoking joints on a regular basis on stage.
Nor do I, but it's fun when it happens. ;-)


I am pleased that neither CNN mention was really negative in tone, more like fond head-shaking -- Adam, Adam, Adam.
Yeah, not sure if I want him known for antics in the long run though.
Hi bb, it's stopoppression on Twitter. I agree with what you've said here, especially the part about parents doing their job. The conversations parents should be having with their kids about drugs (and everything else life offers) will stick with kids way longer than whatever Adam Lambert may or may not do onstage.

I also agree with you in that I hope Adam never feels he has to hold himself back at one of his own concerts. When he's just allowed to be free and unrestrained, he's absolutely brilliant.
Yeah, unfiltered Adam is fabulous! And parents need to do their job. *rolls eyes*