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It's not often that sports and politics collide and I care, but they did so squarely tonight. With the election looming in November, I'm trying to decide if I like the Democratic ticket of Kerry and Edwards. Well, one problem I'd had with John Kerry prior to tonight was his lack of personality. However, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, he was at Fenway Park. He threw out the first pitch and was interviewed in the middle innings. Like any good Massachusetts native, he's a Red Sox fan. He was asked about the brawl the previous night started by Rodriguez and Varitek and said it's part of the game and the rivalry. He said he wouldn't keep the Designated Hitter and that it wasn't his place to decide Pete Rose's Hall of Fame fate (these are baseball's version of abortion and the death penalty). However, while he may be a baseball fan, his Convention speeches will be on far more boring things such as the "War on Terror" and the economy. I, at least, know that the State of the Union address won't be as boring as I thought it would for the next four years if Senator Kerry is elected.