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Written Sunday

I'm tired and bored, but have spent all weekend watching sports. This past Tuesday, the baseball playoffs started. The ALCS is set after Boston swept the Angels and the Yankees beat the Twins in four games. It starts on Tuesday in New York and I'm hoping this is the year the Red Sox get it right. The NLCS won't be set until after the Braves-Astros game tomorrow, with the winner facing the St. Louis Cardinals. Go Braves, beat the Astros!

As for my beloved Noles, they scared the shit out of me this weekend. We should've gone up to Syracuse and ruined Homecoming weekend. Instead, we barely squeaked out with a 17-13 victory and didn't even tie the game until the third quarter. We need to run the ball more as neither Wyatt nor Rix can be trusted to win games. However, Leon Washington can run it all night long. And to think, Rainee and Bryan are coming to the UVA game next week and the Cavaliers are undefeated. Oy! However, I did see some good games this weekend. Georgia lost to Tennessee, which means Daddy must realign the flags in front of the garage. And LSU beat Florida, when the Gators lose, my weekend is complete.