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November 29th

Last night I went to a show I've been awaiting since September. Hurricane Ivan's appearance in Tally delayed the TJ Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions from coming to town. However, it was worth the wait. The event included several Olympians, including five of the women and several of the men. A rhythmic gymnast, trampolinist, two specialists, and a pairs team performed. The uneven bars routines to start the night set to "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera were great as were the parallel bars routines. There was no vault and the rings routines, despite having guys on four sets at once weren't all that great. My favorite guys set of the night was the aerial gymnast working with a several foot long silk suspended from the ceiling. Two of the men's team joined him on silks on the side of the arena. The floor stuff was bleh, two dancing portions and a set of tumbling passes. However, the balance beam work, on four beams set up in a square was cool, it looked like continuous flips as the girls changed beams. My main wish was that they would have had regular lighting as opposed to spot lighting so that the gymnasts would have been more distinguishable. Overall, it was a good night and a nice break from my academic drudgery.