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December 8th

My life has been crazy of late. I got an A on my Sports in America paper and have no clue what I got on my Holocaust paper, the two of which I wrote in a week's time (including Thanksgiving). Then, I had a thirteen question/three page take home test for speech, including some cultural opinion questions because my teacher is Egyptian. Finally, this Monday I had a journal of lectures and movies due for my Holocaust class. Oy that's been a lot of writing, and a long end to the semester. And I still have an exam on Friday, damn the registar to hell. Plus, I have to make sure my grad check was done and register for graduation. On top of all this, the FSUPD called this morning about the fake ID incident. They are referring me to the Dean of Students who could give me a fine and/or community service and possibly probation of some sort, geez. I won't know anymore about that until Spring semester though, and I'm hoping the fact that I'll graduate in April will work in my favor. I can't wait for break despite the fact that our ski vacation got nixed to to Em starting college. Break's gonna be loooong.