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I had to watch Seabiscuit for my multi-cultural film class tonight and it really made me think. I miss riding so much, that's why last summer broke my heart. I wa going to use the money I made for lessons, but that still hasn't happened. I need to ride English though. I miss it so badly. However, I'm currently taking a stretch and relaxation class, so if I could get stretched out well, and work on some muscle tone, I might be willing to deal with the heat to get some lessons in this summer. However, that is provided I'm not taking classes this summer, which I very well might be in order to get into a better grad school. I might just take my chances with whatever I can get into though and possibly transfer back here, as USF and UCF were brought up by my mother today. This grad school thing is getting much more complex than I ever intended, but I e-mailed Debbie this afternoon and am going to hopefully talk to her tomorrow.