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I meant to write this entry ealier this week, but never got around to it. I was exhausted by the time the game started, but was awake for a while. I didn't get the honoring of World War II vets as the sixtieth anniversary of VE Day isn't until May 8 and VJ Day is September 2, but maybe that's just my history major self going overboard. However, I did like the combined choirs sing the National Anthem.

As for the game itself, I'm ashamed to admit that I slept through most of it. I stayed awake for Terrell Owens' first two catches, then woke up briefly to see 7-0 Eagles, then 7-7 at half. Then I watched the first two song's of the blandest halftime show on record before falling asleep to Paul McCartney sitting at the piano playing "Hey Jude". I heard by falling asleep I missed the pyrotechnics that made it a show not a concert.

I next awoke right before New England's interception return to make it 14-7, then I saw to see 21-7 Patriots and finally awoke for good to see 21-14 and the rest of the fourth quarter. After a fourth quarter touch down by the Eagles and field goal by the Pats, the final score was 24-21 Patriots. The dynasty lover in me is happy, but with Weis and Crennel leaving, the coaching questions need to be answered before I'll declare them ready to three-peat.

I was happy to see the Eagles get it close and see TO get nine catches for 122 yards, but unfortunately no touchdowns, despite the fact that his doctor wouldn't clear him to play. The man worked his ass off to rehab in six weeks what normally takes eight to ten weeks to heal and you want to deny him the right to play? Jackass. If he can have two runs of thirty plus yards after the catch, I'd say he was healthy enough to play. Better luck next year Eagles. Keep everyone healthy, get rid of Pinkston, get a blocking back for Westbrook and you're the best team in the league.