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Registration is annoying the shit out of me. Got up at 9:30am to find a note from housing saying that they needed money that I have no control over before they'd let me register. So, after several calls to GA Voc Rehab, I finally got Terri to send an e-mail saying I'd sent my verification to Augusta and that it had been sent to Atlanta. So, housing should get a check soon. With this assurance, I was allowed Summer registration, but Fall is still on hold. Don't you just love red tape?

As for a nicer topic, the March to the Arch began last night as the sixty-five teams who got NCAA basketball tourney bids were announced. UNC is a #1 along with Illinois and Duke, but the fourth #1 seed was a bit of a surprise, University of Washington. That's a big WTF especially since the number two team in that region, Wake Forest, could easily have been a number one due to the circumstances of their exit from the ACC tournament. I'd be suprised if Washington makes it very far and a second round upset is totally feasible, IMO. However, I also think Duke could be in trouble with Syracuse in their bracket. Then, it comes to successfully picking upsets, at which I suck, especially guessing this year's lucky twelve seed. Right now, I have UW-Milwaukee over Alabama, but have heard New Mexico over Villanova posited as well. And then there's the fact that just about all of the tens could beat sevens (especially NC State and Iowa). UAB over LSU was also suggested as a six/eleven upset. So, after much thought, and some gut feeling, my Final Four in St. Louis are Illinois, Wake Forest, Syracuse, and UNC.