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Baseball's Back

With pitchers reporting to Spring Training this week, baseball's back in the sports spotlight. Especially after the Yankees just finished inking the deal of the winter by trading Alfonso Soriano for Alex Rodriguez. I have extremely mixed feelings as A-Rod is my favorite player and I'd love to see him get a title. However, I'd rather Steinbrenner not get the same title...grrr. Although it will be exciting to see Rodriguez and Jeter play together. This may change my feelings for the Yanks as I love both of those cuties. There is a possibility the Yankees could still break my heart though. There are rumors flying now that Greg Maddux has talked to the team. And if my favorite pitcher and position player end up in NY, I just can't hate the Yankees, damn it. It seems more likely though that Maddux will end up back in a Cubs uniform for his 300th victory, but he's in no hurry to sign. Anyway, more sports news later.


sorianos my favorite player lol, besides furcal of course, and i actually think this is a good spot for him to shine, though no ring chances for a while, they can build the team around him. shit i can hate the yankees even MORE if they sign maddux! i mean, i'll dispise the team, but ill probably watch every game lol - theres a little hurry to sign, whats he gonna do for spring training!?
grrr i should be at disney today but our stupid team doesn't report until thursday @@
(i did the icon just for you :-P)