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I'm back in Tally after a whirlwind break and am bored already. My vacation in Colorado ended somewhat uneventfully. Snow cut short my Breckenridge shopping trip and the work holiday after New Year's made horseback riding not happen. However, it was good to walk around Vail Village again. It's grown so much since I was last there. It's like a little town, with way too expensive clothes and jewelry (I don't want gold and diamonds, just silver and gemstones). However, as a result, Lionshead has shrunken, which is weird, especially to have the clock tower gone.

We drove back to Denver on Tuesday. Aaron and Emily went to an Avalanche game while I watched the most heartbreaking FSU game in a while. A triple overtime loss to Penn State that we would've have won if our kicker hadn't seemingly left his concentration at the Broward County line. He missed an extra point and two field goals, while the PSU kicker just missed two field goals. Not a good way to lose. However this FSU team showed the same hert they had in Jax when they won the ACC title. It's time to heal and move forward as we have some key holes to fill for next year. And lots of growing up to do.

Wednesday was a travel clusterfuck. We took the 9:30am shuttle to the Denver airport to find United curbside check-in slammed. When we finally talk to an attendent, he tells us that our bags must be checked with USAirways, the codeshare partner. So, we race across the airport and get our boarding passes and race to the gate. We would have missed the flight had there not been a medical emergency that stopped boarding.

We fly to Charlotte only to find that our flight to Atlanta has been changed from 5:30pm to 7pm. Long wait after a long day. We finally arrive in Atlanta around 8:30 and then have issues finding the cars. Em heads off to Augusta, while Mom drives me to Tally for grad student orientation. Mom and I arrive in Tallahassee and rent a room at 2am, when I have a meeting at 9am. We go to bed about 3am after discovering that our TV has no ESPN and I had just finished Memoirs of a Geisha.


I'm sorry you didn't get to go riding.

Everyone I know was talking about the FSU/Penn State game - craziness.

I just realized I am (once again) going to be in the Bahamas on NCAA selection Sunday and that makes me sad.
Ugh, that's a tragedy, especially for those of us living in ACC country.
I'm a big Big East fan ;-) But it sucks so much, I miss all the pools!!
Can you not e-mail your choices while in the Bahamas? What Big East team do you like?
I guess I could - or atleast enter an online one. But if we had an office one I don't know if I'd be able to enter (I should look into taht - our director is HUGE bball fan, so I bet there is an office pool).

My parents are Georgetown Alums, so I root for G'town and for Rutgers since all my friends went there. But since those aren't exactly the world's best teams, come tournament time i root for anyone EXCEPT Villanova (cause we hate them). The other teams I like/watch in tournament are Gonzaga, Duke and Temple (cause I'm from Philly

What are your teams?
I've been a UNC fan since middle school. Come tourney time, I root for Arizona, Kansas, and any ACC team that isn't Duke.
UNC has a good team ;-)

I know the "anyone but" feeling because I'll root for ANY Big East Team (I was ALL about West Virginia last year when they made the Elite Eight) but I just can't root for Villanova. Can't.
Ugh, WVU made me crazy when they beat Wake Forest. Not only did they wreck my bracket, they broke my heart.
If I'd had a bracket it would have been soooo messed up. I mean, Vermont over Syracuse? There were so many WEIRD upsets! So I just rooted for my Big East teams and underdogs since I had nothing to lose!
Vermont over 'Cuse and Bucknell over Kansas shot everyone's brackets to Hell.

The year Syracuse won the whole thing, two of my guy friends were doing their brackets at dinner with me and my friend Brooke - they both had 'Cuse out in like round 2 and Brooke and I were like, that's stupid, they're better then that and had them going much furhter. The guys thought we were NUTS and acted like we knew nothing. Then 'Cuse won the whole damn thing and they were amazed that girls knew basketball.

I think that's why I have a soft spot for that time, even though they're a big rival of G'town...
*that TEAM. wow can you tell I'm tired???
I love beating guys in bets. Last year, I won a pool in which I was the only girl.