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Happy Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day, which ever you happen to be celebrating. I'll personally be in my dorm room vegging with my Girl Scout cookies and tonight's Olympic coverage. Possibly straight men in tight pants is the best I can do on this day. As for other Olympics news, pairs skating happened without a scandal, but high drama. The Chinese pair of Zhang and Zhang, not related, who skated to "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin in their short program, attempted a throw quad Salchow, but failed miserably with the girl landing on her knee and sliding into the boards. Can you say ouch? However, they finished their program well enough to retain the silver medal position the entered the night with and join their countrymen on the podium. Another Chinese pair, Shen and Zhao, won the bronze, a repeat of their Salt Lake City performance, but this one meant more as the guy was skating just six months after tearing his Achilles. This was the pair's first competition of the year. I was amazed. However, this leads me to another injured skater who made the Olympic team, and then, in my opinion was shamed into quitting, Michelle Kwan. She withdrew after a bad practice on Saturday and while I'm happy that Emily Hughes gets to skate in the Olympics, I feel for Michelle. Despite what she says, I know she wanted gold, and I was hoping she'd wait to make the decision to leave. Especially since Emily can't get to Torino until Thursday due to the blizzard in NY. I also have to wonder what would've happened if it had been Kimmie Meissner (also in Torino) on the outside looking in, who said she knew that Michelle would get an Olympic spot rather than the reigning gold medalist's younger sister who appears to have no such feelings. I hope Sasha Cohen wins just so that Emily doesn't get the satisfaction of stealing the gold. Call it harsh, but it's how I feel.