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I still haven't written my paper and it isn't gonna happen tonight because I had a seizure. However, last night was amazing, so I don't care that I feel like shit. The touring production of Rent came to town, so I finally got to see it on stage. It was great, especially Declan Bennett (Roger) and his British accent. The actors who play Benny and Collins weren't the best, "I'll Cover You reprise" was oversung, IMO. However, I was surprised by how much I liked "Over The Moon", which wasn't my fave in the movie. And "Goodbye Love", which was cut from the movie, definitely pulled at my heartstrings as did "Your Eyes". It was interesting to see the differences in the songs that were in the movie, they were definitely cleaned up. As well as get a clearer picture of the character of Joanne. I'm hooked now though, want to see it again, and if we didn't have a home game that weekend, I'd give myself a great b-day present and go visit the grandparents and see the show in Birmingham.
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oh dear. how scary! I hope you're ok now!
I'm fine, but thanks for asking, just had a medicine mix-up.