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Big Grad School News

I apologize to my readers who don't want to read about school or are stressing over grad school, but I'm psyched. After arriving at Bellamy at 8am to read files of applicants for the Native Americanist we are trying to hire, and then being the grad rep for the committee, I got a nice surprise. Dr. Green, Dr. Gray and I talked and he agreed to be my major professor so that I can persue the M.A. I've been wanting. My major field will be US pre-1865 while my minor is Modern Europe (1790-present). I'm also taking Dr. Gray and Dr. Herrera's class on Native peoples via a DIS as is it undergrads only. In addition to this, I'm finishing my minor field with Britain Since 1870 and a British Empire colloquium. If I begin writing with a British accent/spellings, stop me. ;-)