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Basketball season didn't really start until tonight. I'm well aware that the season started in November and that ACC play began in January. However, nothing really matters until the first UNC/Duke game of the year. Not even FSU beating Duke in Cameron (when did the Noles learn how to play?) Fortunately, tonight is one I'll remember fondly. Second straight win in Cameron for UNC and a chance to win both games for the first time in longer than even this History major knows. Courtesy of work I didn't get to see part of the second half, but the first half was ugly and I was glad to only be down five at break. It was more than half was through the second half before the game was tied and the knot that is permanently lodged in my gut during close games (aka ALL UNC/Duke games) had taken up residence. However, after brief a few lead changes, the Heels got the lead for good despite Duke's best efforts, however, not at the charity stripe. This 79-73 win felt especially good after the NC State loss on Saturday. I hope that the freshmen have now learned how to play on the road and that the rest of the season goes well.