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Late Nights in Old Haunts

Tonight I'm working in a dorm I lived in sophomore year, and it's kinda surreal. So much has changed and nothing has changed. The office still displays the plaques that Hall Government 2002-03 worked hard for, Large Hall of the Semester for Fall and the Year as well as a certificate for Large Hall with Most Points for Spring. All things I was involved in and remember like it was yesterday. That was a fabulous year, so getting a chance to come back here is fun. Plus, I know these halls so well, including the fact that neither elevator goes to all the floors in the building. Fortunately, the office is on the second floor, not the fouth, where my room was. If I went in the basement or zero floors, I had to take the elevator to the third floor and walk up the last flight of stairs. Now I take the elevator to the fourth floor and walk the halls down to that basement entrance. So many memories, especially the flyers for cocoa night, thoughts of that first Caffeine Bar reign supreme.