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Books I've Been Sucked Into

So, you know you think way too much when you read when it's 5am and you're reading a detective chase scene during which you're thinking, guys that's a mile away and a bad idea. That was the situation I found myself in reading a French Quarter scene. I'd forgotten how well I know that layout until I read a book set in NOLA. Running from the Saint Louis 1 cemetery or the Basin Street visitor's center to the Harrah's? No thanks, they don't even suggest tourists go to the cemetery alone. That scene is in Touch and Geaux from the Cut and Run series by Abigail Roux. I've fallen down the rabbit hole of M/M novels, not just fanfic. However, there is a connection, I was searching Abi's site and found her playlist page, on the tracklist for Stars and Stripes I found Fever. :D I might have died laughing when I realized that the scene that song is selected for is in a cowboy bar in Hill Country Texas. Meanwhile, I had gone looking to see if Voodoo was on the Touch and Geaux list. That series is so well-written though. It started as two authors, but is just one now. It was interesting to read what she'd been writing from the start compared to what she had to figure out for book 5.
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Life Update

So, I got a job and moved back to Tallahassee at the end of September. That was a disaster. I got fired at the beginning of November after I couldn't do anything fast enough and that in that office receptionist basically meant perky robot. I'm now job hunting again, but happy to be in a city where a college degree means something. Also, went to several games and a few other events at FSU, it feels good to be socially solo again. I missed going to stuff alone. Yay for living in a city with a good bus system. I've gotten a few interviews, have another this week, but nothing's paid off yet.
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My last two long entries have been for my new writing gig at Fearless-Diva. I'm still writing at Gather, but after the site not working for two months, getting hits from there is hard. I might be moving on from there after Project Runway ends. Anyway, I've started writing more about music and less about reality tv. Regular beats only work if they actually payoff. I'm hoping that Gather can get the Google search penalty resolved because even speed writing isn't getting me enough hits. I've only had one PR article payoff this season. I realize this season is boring, but I am trying to liven it up. Writing recaps for two sites is an interesting writing exercise as one site wants longer and first person, while one wants shorter and third person. Tricky balance, but learning a lot as well. I might apply at Yahoo Voices or Examiner next.
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The 20/20 Experience: The Re-Emergence of Justin Timberlake

The re-emergence of Justin Timberlake on the music scene has been a shock and a thrill. It had been six years since FutureSex/LoveSounds and ten years since his solo debut. I remember back to his *NSYNC days, but was not really a fan of Justin’s until their last album. Aside from the Haitian relief concert and a few Saturday Night Live appearances, which are hilarious, Timberlake had not sung publically in years. Many of his fans had given up on a new album and were so grateful to have any new songs at all that not liking the new direction did not matter. When I first heard The 20/20 Experience, I only really liked “Mirrors”. Other songs grew on me as I adjusted to his new more r&b sound and songs that seem too long. “Suit and Tie” with Jay Z is cool and “Pusher Love Girl” is what I wanted as the third single.

However, the third single has become a bit confusing. Timberlake released a video for “Tunnel Vision” at almost the same time he released “Take Back The Night”. The latter is the first single off of part two of 20/20, which is set for September release. The video for “Tunnel Vision” caused some friction for his artistic vision. Much like the video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” it featured naked women while the singer was clothed. I liked Timberlake’s execution better though. His was not as awkward and the naked women were not as on display though they were the focus. His had better lighting and a more artistic feel while Thicke’s seemed like a poorly done parody. I love Twitter as much as the next person, but leave hashtags out of your video. Do not use “naked” women for shock value either, it’s 2013. These videos furthered the question of whether Timberlake was turning into Thicke. Meanwhile, the chart success of “Blurred Lines” has given Thicke respect from popular music that his career has never seen. I might not like the video, but the song is damned catchy.

However, despite the comparisons from “Suit and Tie” and the “Tunnel Vision” video, “Take Back The Night” does not remind me of typical Robin Thicke at all. Maybe I’ll like part two of 20/20 better. I normally do like one disc of a double album much better. “Take Back The Night” is still longer than traditional pop songs, but it is a better lead single than “Suit and Tie”. “Take Back The Night” has the horns from part one, but also a more club feel to match the title. That is a mix I can definitely appreciate.

After six years of silence, Justin Timberlake has been everywhere this year. He had massive promotion for The 20/20 Experience, including several commercials and a week on Jimmy Fallon. It turns out the Jay Z being a feature on Suit and Tie was not the only collaboration he and Timberlake did. The lead single off of Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail is “Holy Grail,” which features Justin Timberlake. Between that release and “Take Back The Night,” Justin is all over the music scene this month. 2013 has been a major re-emergence for him. Did you like the first part of The 20/20 Experience and will you be getting the second part next month?

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