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Last Night

Night Staff shifts in offices that lack internet are cruel jokes, but that’s where I’m at right now, specifically Salley. I can’t get Ethernet or a wireless connection, and am going crazy. Especially after entering the office to a note saying that Daughtry is playing at Floyd’s in April and the show’s sold out (an RA is looking for tix). Wish I’d known earlier as I’d love to go, despite the fact that the show is the night before my Modern Britain paper is due.

As for other news, being as I’m bored out of my mind and it’s not even 2am, American Idol has been bland singing-wise. However, Antonella Barba’s past is coming back to haunt her. Every inappropriate picture she’s ever taken, from partying to topless on the beach has been posted on the internet. In addition, there are oral sex pics that are believed to be great photo shopping of another girl, but created a stir no less. Personally, I couldn’t care less about the picture drama as I think her inability to sing will send her home soon, but parents are outraged. And anything that get parents’ panties in a wad is fun for a girl who thinks kids are beyond irritating, and doesn’t want her TV viewing options dictated by the under 12 set. However, American Idol hasn’t gotten rid of her yet, despite the protestations of those who equate this to the Frenchie Davis situation from Season 2. There are two big differences though; Frenchie knew her pictures were going to be posted on a sex site and she was paid for them as well, neither of these situations apply to Antonella. Thus I believe that the prudes need to chill and judge the girl on her sub-par singing voice, she attempted Celine Dion tonight, major no-no. She’ll be gone soon enough.

Still bored, almost 4:30. I really should be finishing Creeks and Southerners so I can write my review, but it’s too hot in the office for me to concentrate. Plus, turning off the music and sitting in silence at this hour is dangerous, however, I have to go on rounds soon. Fourteen floors in two buildings take a while. However, I’m lost in thoughts of unobtainable boys and their acting ability, as I went and saw Sweeney Todd this weekend. I didn’t get to talk to Sean until Tuesday because he didn’t get my message about being at the matinee on Sunday because he decided to be totally non-communicative. I miss late nights at the diner; it’s not what it once was, aside from the fact that it’s a fifteen minute walk across campus. However, I don’t think he’ll be working late nights as much now, but we’ll see.