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I really should be reading for grad school, but I am on Spring Break and the brackets are announced tomorrow, so I've been watching basketball. I'm pissed that the Big East final starts too late for me to see it all, but think it will be a good game. I've been watching as much ACC as possible despite the fact that it's on FOX not ESPN. I'm thrilled about the results of the tourney so far (FSU didn't lose in the first round and thus has a shot at The Dance), just hope the Heels can bring home the first title since 1998. However, I have lots of respect for an NC State team that has run the tournament gauntlet successfully ( beating Duke in the process!)thus far and beat UNC in Raleigh in the regular season. This leaves me hopeful, as we beat them in Chapel Hill later, but not ready to crown a victor yet. I am hoping that with UCLA's first round Pac-10 loss (a team losing in the first round of their tourney has never one a national championship), UNC has secured a top seed. If not though, they will start in Winston-Salem, which will make things cushier.