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I should be reading for school, but have been feeling sick all day and am not sure I'm even going to class tomorrow. Allergies+low grade fever=yuckiness that not even massive amounts of basketball can cure. However, I've been dutifully watching, despite learning before today's games that I've lost one bet already as we have the same Elite 8. Damn this being the year when I choose upsets and the favorites win, VCU, Winthrop, and UNLV excluded. And damn the ACC for sucking massively at tournament time. I expected BC's loss and didn't take Ga Tech, but everyone else screwed me over. This and the Big Ten's massive suckitude have led to a new theory on teams in the tourney. To get in from a major conference, a team must be over .500 in conference (see Duke and Ga Tech), and no conference gets more than five bids (as no conference has more than five truly worthy teams). Then maybe the massive suckitude would cease and more mid-majors would get the chance they deserve (see Drexel). As for what I think of the Sweet 16, I'm kind of happy that Texas lost, as I think UNC matches up with USC better. Other than that, Memphis-Texas A&M looks like the best game, and let's hope that we don't have a repeat of the last Florida-Butler game, as that would totally fuck my bracket. Oh, and pulling for the Gators hurts, and is inherently wrong, damn then for returning their starting five.