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The Sweet 16 got off to a rough start, with Kansas and Memphis winning in the the final seconds, as well as Ohio State, who messed around and got down by twenty. The good news is I'm yet to see a team I think Carolina can't beat. Tomorrow should be interesting as Georgetown and Florida take the floor along with Carolina. My brackets are a mess, so now I'm just hoping my Final Four holds. If all my brackets had matched though, they wouldn't be screwed as only one had Wisconsin through to the Elite 8, WTF was I thinking? Oh, and my father loves my insight now that Tubby Smith left Kentucky for Minnesota after I told him that I smelled trouble when the Wildcats' AD issued a statement between the SEC and NCAA tournaments saying that Tubby was still the coach (aka telling the restless natives to shut up). Well, having been there done that, different sport though, I understand why Tubby would want to leave and why the natives were restless. Ten seasons have elapsed since a national championship in Lexington, and that was Tubby Smith's title with Rick Pitino's players. However, why anyone would leave the Bluegrass for Minnesota is beyond me. This will be a coaching search to watch as it's still one of the top jobs in college basketball.

On a completely different train of thought, I heard yesterday that Barack Obama will be in Tallahassee next Friday. I will be there, even if I'm exhausted after working Thursday. Might actually have to appear at next week's Dems meeting, that'll shock some people, if not, will definitely go by the table on Wednesday. Speaking of tables, I need to find out if I'm working the Night Staff table next week, and what time. This week tabling was crazy as it was FSUnity Day, so all the student tables were moved out of the Union to the green. Very weird to sit at the Dems table with no College Republicans in sight... Anyway enough rambling for now, only an hour and a half of work left.

Edit for my horsey friends: I locked myself out of the office tonight and was thinking of long ago around-the-world drills as I broke in and got up on the counter only to have to spin around in the space of a window frame.


oh man, I haven't done "around the world" since I was 10!
I probably haven't either, if not earlier.