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It's been an eventful week. It started out wonderful and ended horrible. Sunday night, Greg McKie, Camp Greenville director, called. It was the first time I'd heard from him since high school. He set up an interview for Monday night. 9:30pm Monday rolls around and I'm the most nervous I've been in a long while. He asks me about school, turns out he's a history buff as well. Then he asks me about jobs, when I said resource, he said he had one spot left on the barn staff. It pays $160-170 a week, which is about $1500 for a summer. Not bad considering I don't have a car or apartment rent to pay. Plus, it's in my favorite part of camp.

Tuesday started wonderfully, with me getting a 97 on a Sports Geography test. However, that night things began to fall apart. I got an e-mail from Dr. Leblanc saying I should drop French (FRE3420) because there is no way I'll pass. So, Wednesday I went to Longmire and Thagard for info about a medical drop. I have no idea if it'll work because my reason is a pre-existing condition. However, my Valium dose has increased this semester, making staying awake in class difficult. Also, I've had two seizures this semester. Damn having epilepsy. So anyway, I've quit going to that class. Then tonight when I went to change my schedule for fall semester, I had hold on my registration that wasn't there when I registered on the 16th. WTF? This has been a stressful week, cried twice already.