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I knew they couldn't finish the deal, but I thought they'd get further than this. They have a lot of maturing to do as giving up a ten-point lead with under seven left is in excusable, as is not being able to break the zone or make a fucking three. The entire team needs to spend the summer shooting, free throws for Brandan, mid-range jumpers for Tyler, and three-pointers for everyone else. More thoughts when I'm not about to break things.


On the bright side, maybe Tyler will stick around another year.
He'd better...the team still needs endless games of jump-shot only HORSE though...

and wright needs to spend summer vay-cay shooting free throws ;)
been there said that, I don't like this feeling and want a title next year. maybe some 21st bdays will bring maturity...on second thought, maturity in college guys is a waste of time. focus is a better pipe dream.
I always feel bad for the players after games like these.

It will be very interesting to see what next season's roster looks like.
I feel bad for them too, but I'll have to see the misery later as I just couldn't handle watching G'town celebrate. I don't expect major changes other than Wes and Reyshawn graduating. I'd think Tyler would want to finish what he started.
Yeah, Reyshawn's main job this year was acting as a leader for the freshmen. I will be very sad to see him leave, as I've always really, really liked him. He's a nice guy in person as well as a good player.
*wishes she'd met some of the team*, but no, I'm lucky to get to see them play each year. Damn my parents moving back to GA after my dad's internship.
I had class with Byron Sanders one year and we sat next to each other. He used to borrow my pens every day.
The closest I've ever knowingly been to an FSU basketball player was riding in the front seat of the police car on a ride-along when one was busted for drug paraphernalia. As for the real BMOC, the football players, all I got wass class with the kicker that lost to Miami, twice. *would kill to do her Doctorate at UNC*
Chapel Hill > Tallahassee. .
Yeah, yeah, but Nicole's high school/undergrad grades/SATs/GREs > Kate's, trust me. I looked into UNC for undergrad, but for grad school it wasn't an option. Plus, I'm not much for little college towns, quaint's just not my thing.