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Ok, now that I've vented to everyone that would listen, thanks Nicole, reality has set in. Carolina may be out, but my final game is in tact, and I got three of the Final Four right. However, the team I got wrong leaves me in an ugly position, pulling for the Gators. I really don't want another title in Gainesville, but on the other hand, the thought of Georgetown winning infuriates me, and Ohio State can't beat Florida. I just hope my final game (UF/OSU) holds, so that mayne I can salvage this miserable weekend with a win in two pools. I still don't think I can win my pool where money is involved though. This has been a strange tournament where many favorites have won (Texas A&M/Vandy, WTF happened?), however it's been very frustrating to watch as high seeds scraped by, and for a girl who adores blowouts, buzzer-beating later round wins are aggravating.


I very much dislike Ohio State - in a way that has nothing whatsoever to do with them being Georgetown's next game. I just dislike them and I think Oden should have been called for a flagrant foul in that game and I can't believe they're still in the tournament. In general, I'm not a fan of "one and done" players, I think it's BS and making a mockery of the entire "student athlete" concept (which is already on pretty thin ice...).

I had Texas A&M in my final four, for what it's worth. Obviously I had Vandy out in the Sweet Sixteen ;-)
I don't like the one-and-done concept anymore than you do, but I don't think OSU could beat UF anyway. They don't match up well enough. As for G'town, jury's still out, they'd have issues with Humphrey's sharpshooting for sure, and Hibbert would have issues guarding big men who can step out. I'm still debating how much I'll watch though I have to keep up with scores due to bets (in second place to Nicole).