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I went to Thagard on Monday to check on the paperwork for dropping French and was told I needed office notes which I didn't have. When I explained that office notes weren't possible, I was advised to apply for an administrative drop. So, I went over to Student Affairs in Longmire with a copy of the doctor's note because I'm registered with SDRC as well as a note from the professor and the standard drop form. Ten minutes later, I was free of French Grammar and Composition forever. However, this means my schedule for fall has to change and that lead to a whole new set of problems.

After I decided on Geography as a new minor, which as a history major makes sense if I ever have to teach brats. That was the last smooth move in the process. When I dropped my French and Speech (because the section I selected conflicted with my only require Geography class) to add Geography, I discovered my account had a financial hold that wasn't there when I originally registered. Hmmm. This was Monday. It is now Thursday and after several e-mails to Housing and GA Voc Rehab (to my grant caseworker), I still can't register. If I can't register Friday after I mailed the requisite paperwork for Housing to get paid on Wednesday, I'll be pissed.


maybe, just maybe....

they were playing an april fool's joke on you....


Re: maybe, just maybe....

I wish, it's now Sunday and Voc Rehab didn't receive the letter Friday, so I have talked to Housing yet. Will tomorrow though.