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Final Four

As the ball was set to be tipped I called my father to place my picks in our round-by-round bet. As I made my choices I had a few things running through my head. Firstly, how cool would an all-ACC final be despite the fact that it would mean actually wanting Duke to win. Secondly, how cool would it be to not only defy the SI cover jinx, but possibly have the men's and women's champions come from the same school. In the end, I chose Georgia Tech and UConn even with the injuries to their stars which was my third consideration. I knew that OSU couldn't run with GT if that the route they chose to go and that nobody bangs the boards better than UConn. The caveats to my plan were JJ Redick's ability to light it up from behind the arc and the fact that UConn can't shoot free throws for sh*t. However, despite all this I was confident in my picks.

I never really got scared during the Tech game as OSU never got a big lead, but rather just hung around the entire game. Despite being from the part of Georgia were Tech is a dirty word, I couldn't help feel some pride when the Yellow Jackets advanced as I have many friends, geeks tho they may be, that are Techies. However, the Duke/UConn game was everything I expected minus the large number of frontcourt fouls. Once Emeka got a chance to get in rhythm and get the Huskies caught up, I was sure everything was ok. Even when Duhon's trey sank at the buzzer. For this Carolina fan, watching Duke lose despite having sunk an impossible shot as time expired was gratifying. Since it seems that every time a Dukie launches one of those it sinks, usually to win in regulation, or to go to OT (See the 1995 shot by current VCU coach Jeff Capel, for example. UNC won that game, but it still agrravated me.).