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Again my paper is turning into the assignment from Hell. Historiographies that are fifteen pages are not meant to only have seven sources. That means approximately two pages of summary/analysis/comparison per source. That's easier said than done. As a result, I have three sources that are less than that, one that's almost four pages, and one that should be right at two pages, with two sources left to do. And it was supposed to be turned in today. However, I managed to get until Monday. Having Mom type some that I write will speed things along. And, I'm working again after a week off and have been battling seizurish feelings all week.

Speaking of which, found out last night when I went to fill out my timesheet that some of my supervisors had figured out about my epilepsy (they have relatives with it apparently), and are now stressing, exactly why I didn't tell them up front... The two I talked to claim everyone knows, but I hope the coordinators don't as I left it off my application. I wish they'd said something when they figured it out as I now have this sinking feeling they are talking about me behind my back. They don't realize that in a family with a doctor, nothing medical is taboo.

Oh, and I'm working one of the two dorms with no RA on duty, which means I've been checking people out of their rooms all night, and renting out moving/cleaning equipment. I wish I'd known this when I offered to switch, as now I'm worried about getting enough rounds done. And the supervisor that I talked to last night asked if I'd slept when she found out I was working tonight, as I explained that sleep deprivation causes my seizures. Grr...I have one mother, and she's more than enough on the worrying front.