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It feels so good to be done. I swear this was the longest semester ever, it so did not feel like sixteen weeks. I really need to judge my workload better next semester when deciding whether to alter my schedule. However, next semester is a similar work load, but football season breaks up the monotony. If only I could get our basketball team to be worth watching, not to be confused with cheering for, I'd have a Spring diversion. However, Summer is when I figure out if I have a valid thesis topic. Here's hoping there's enough info on the FSU/Seminole Tribe of Florida relationship to expand on what I found in my mascot research. I told Sara years ago I wanted Dr. Sellers position as university historian, and I'm hoping this is another step in that direction. Also, I'm hoping to take a shot at editing my Methods paper and taking a shot at publishing it, or at least making it workable for the University Relations scrapbook. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm psyched for summer in Tallahassee. I even looked into stables as I'd love to get back in the saddle now that I have money of my own, as I'd have to pay for lessons and cab fare. And I'll be taking class and working Night Staff again starting in June. Finally, getting paid for my vampiric tendencies, now to find more than two places I can get takeout from after 11pm...