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I should probably update. I went to Augusta for a week, which leads to mixed feelings. It was fun to be there again and see Bryan, but too much down time and not enough success in shopping do not balance out the cancelled Charleston trip. Plus, sleeping in the same bed as one's sister and constantly having dogs around when you don't like them isn't cool. However, the trip to Lake Oconee was, minus getting sunburnt. I need to figure out a better way to travel before I leave Tally again, as Greyhound just isn't acceptable.

As for the week's horsey details, went to Aiken to visit a horse rescue that made the local paper. They had three adorable foals plus several adult rescues and I discovered that baby carrots aren't the best food for draft horses, size proportion issues. And watching the little kid lessons reminds me how much I miss riding. Also, the Preakness was interesting to say the least, photo finishes are crazy, especially when the wrong horse wins.