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New layout, nothing fancy, but time for a change. I feel bad because I haven't gotten nearly as much work done on my thesis as I would like. Talked to a research person at the library last week and got a few leads, but nothing dramatic. I realized I need to get information from University Relations before going to the Alumni office, as I'm to be turned loose with their files and need some sort of guide. I also thought of a few other things to look into, such as the creation of the school logos and the Florida Indian Youth Project and the connection of those to the Seminoles, as the FIYP was started in 1981, but the first Seminole grad wasn't until 1993, puzzling.

Add to this the fact that my parents seem to want me working every day or in Mobile, not gonna happen. I need to ask Donna about the scrapbook for University Relations and go back and look at editing my Methods paper for publication. This way at least I'll be busy and my parents will soon realize that my life is here now. Speaking of which, need to apply for residency this week as well. While I'm enjoying this research, I'm really wondering if there is enough for a thesis. And if I change topics, I might have to change major professors again, not good.