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As I sit here crying in my dorm room, I realize that I actually miss Augusta. Or rather, Augusta during Masters Week. I haven't been to the tournament since my senior year of high school and I miss it. Even more so this year since I had tickets offered to me and then revoked all because I have a 9am class. Doesn't Daddy understand that sitting on the 18th green on Sunday means a hell of a lot more to me than an Old South lecture? I guess not, but then he doesn't understand a lot about me and school, but that's a rant for another time and place. Then, he told me he offered the tickets to Emily, so if I did want to go, I'd have to go with her. No thanks, she doesn't like to watch the golf, just go find friends who are working out at the tournament. And having a lecture about golf in Sports Geography today didn't help plus having a friend inquire as to whether I was going home made things worse. I hope I can calm down enough to go see a movie later.